About Ten2Midnight Studios

"It's 9:56pm and I sneak down to my studio. The house is quiet, the kids are asleep . . . this is MY time. Sitting at my workbench, I begin perusing through bits of metal, chain and stones. As I work, layering pattern, combining shades of various stones and molding metal with my hands, I am infused with a mixture of both calm and excitement. I LOVE what I do."

Liane Crigler, Metalsmith

"Creating" was always the plan for Liane Crigler, who began her career in the LA apparel fashion scene. It wasn't long, though, before Crigler realized her true calling was working in metals rather than textiles. In the mid 1990’s, she cast aside the glamorous LA fashion scene to pursue a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis on metalsmithing. The years after college were spent earning a steady paycheck & starting a family. After a seven year hiatus from her own art, she returned to the studio renewed and ready to express her own voice & vision.

Liane’s designs showcase layered texture, strong lines and the skilled tool marks that distinguish handcrafted adornment. Her pieces, which call on themes of nature, celestial bodies and past civilizations, begin as miniature anthologies of her own stories, moments and personal connections. When manipulated at the bench, these narratives become wearable art, ready to receive the memories and experiences of the wearer. One of the most important aspects, that Crigler prides herself on, is that all jewelry is made here in the USA, in her Portland, Oregon studio, with her own two hands.

Liane's jewelry can be found in retail stores throughout the country and has been worn on the t.v. series: The Vampire Diaries, Parenthood & Rizoli & Isles.

Why Ten2Midnight?

After the birth of our 2nd child, my husband took a swing shift position with his company so we could save on daycare costs. I worked at my office job from 8:30am to 2:30pm. He worked from 3:30pm to 12:00am. Five nights a week, I would put the kids to bed, make & pack lunches for the next day, do dishes and straighten a little. Then I had time - "me" time. I began making jewelry again. I would start around 9:30 or 10:00 and finish up around 12:00 when my husband would come home or I couldn't see straight anymore, (whichever came first).

One of these nights however, my husband was home unexpectedly, but I still was drawn to my studio to work. He jokingly said - "Oh, is it time for Ten to Midnight Studios to open up shop?"

Yes, it was time. It was official from then on...

Artist notes:

Almost 20 years ago, I took my first jewelry class and have been hooked on metal ever since. There is something magical about manipulating this enduring element with simple tools and my own two hands. I start with a simple concept (an architectural detail, old coins, a friend's tattoo, etc...) and go from there.

In 2010, after an over 7 year hiatus from making jewelry, I began working in my studio again. It was like coming home. This line is a definite labor of love. Each piece of jewelry is made in my studio, hand fabricated from sheet and wire. I feel that “touch” & attention to detail lends to the specialness of the piece and imbues upon it the energy and passion I have for my work and life.

Things about me:
- I love to listen, dance and sing (badly) to 80's music.
- My kids are the brightest stars in my universe and my daily inspiration.
- Watching good (or bad) sci-fi movies with my husband is a favorite pastime.
- I have an obsession with red shoes.
- I LOVE making things!